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Handling Requests

The main difference between sending Handling Requests emails in the current version and the new version is that right now a handling agent does not get the information about the next departure times, or details about which handling agent should make services for the departure flight: should it be the same handling agent or a different one?

In the new version sending handling requests emails always concern only the airport where the email is sent.

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New 'Handling requests' panel
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Example of a Handling Requests email

Select a flight in the 'Flights List' page, click 'Checklist' on the right-hand side of the screen and select handling agents from the drop-down list.

Once handling agents are selected (either manually in 'Legs Info' page or automatically when marked as 'favourite' in 'Airport Directory > Airport edit > FBO/Handling section), by clicking on the icon you get a main panel for sending 'Handling Requests' emails.

On the screenshot on the right (click to view) you can notice that when sending HR email to a handling agent at the airport EPPO not only there are details about the arrival flight to EPPO, but also details about the next departure flight from EPPO.

When HR email is sent, the icon turns to black icon and the status changes from to .

If one of the important changes have been done, such as:

  • Time change
  • Date change
  • Aircraft change
  • Destination/Departure change

the icon turns to . All other changes like: Crew change or Pax change make that icon turns to .

When viewing HR email sending page, you can notice that the Status changes from New Request to Update and all changed details are in red.

You can always check HR by clicking on 'Request' icon even if there was no changes made (Leon will show information 'There is no changes in this flight. Click here to manually edit this request') as well as to check sending out history (click icon 'History' in top-right corner).

Below you can find examples of how the main HR page displays various changes made in flights: schedule change, handling agent change, airport change, etc…

Schedule change

Handling agent change

Flight cancellation

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