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Adding a new Handling agent/FBO

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Adding new Handler/FBO

To add a new Handling Agent/FBO to an airport in Airport Directory, you have to go to Handling/FBO tab and click on Add new button. This will open Add new handler field where you can input the details of the new handling agent.

Fields “Name” and “Email” are mandatory. If Name field is empty, Leon will not save the handler. If Email field is empty while trying to save the handler, Leon will display error message that says: Error: Email field cannot be empty.

Once the mandatory fields are filled in, you can click on one of the buttons located at the bottom of the page: ✔ will save the listing, ✘ will cancel it.

Saved Handling Agent will show at the bottom of the list and the listing will have a different background.

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Deleting Handler/FBO

It is also possible to delete personal Handling Agent/FBO. To do it, you have to click on a handler you would like to remove and press Delete button. This gives 2 options, why the handler is being deleted:

  • Entry does not exist any more - this will remove handler
  • Duplicate - this will open a dropdown window with names of handlers that could be duplicats of listed handlers.
It is not possible to remove a Handler/FBO that is not added manually (but imported from AC-U-KWIK)

Adding a new Fuel Supplier

It is possible to add own fuel supplier by clicking on Add new button. The process is exactly the same as when adding new handler (first chapter on this page).

Adding a new Hotel

Go to Hotels section and there are 2 buttons at the bottom of the page: Add new and Update to update Leon database from AC-U-KWIK.

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