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Airport categories

In Leon airport categories can be defined manually including a possibility to change the category as per each aircraft.

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Airport categories indications in the Flights List
In the Flights List different airport category (other than cat.A) is being displayed in a different way.

CAT B - blue mark

CAT C - yellow mark

CAT U - red mark

CAT P - red airport code

If you hover the mouse over the airport code, Leon will show a pop-up window with the information about the category, sunrise & sunset times and opening hours.

Airport briefing

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Airport brief required - indications in Flights List

Click on the tab Brief to mark if the airport briefing is required (mark the checkbox 'Airport briefing required' or 'Training required or both). You can also upload a pdf file.

If in Airport Directory section you only tick a checkbox Airport briefing required for a particular airport (without a file uploaded), then the airport code in the flights list is marked with a black frame:

If there is also a pdf 'Aiport briefing' file uploaded, the airport code is marked with the dotted line:

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