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Calendar view

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Flight activities in a calendar view

Possibility to switch from the Flights List section to Calendar gives you a wider view on your flights.

The advantage of the calendar panel is that you never loose your fleet from sight when you change the date.

Click on the Calendar icon to enable the view. Set the start date in the calendar and use black arrows to navigate.

Fleet activities appearance

Colours of flights correspond with the Planned Flights in Leon 2.0

Confirmed flights



Maintenance Option


No crew reservation

Owner's approval

If there is an airport discontinuity between 2 airports, ADEP of another flight is marked in yellow and if you hover the mouse over the flight a pop-up window shows up with the information.

If you edit a leg which is a part of multi-sectors trip (orange frame), Leon will highlight all legs of the trip as well (grey frame).

After clicking a particular flight/option in the right-hand side filter Leon displays the schedule details.

You can use the filter > tab 'More' (on the left hand side of the screen) to narrow down the amount of data displayed, or to view more information, such as:

  1. Airport category (if different to 'A') -
  2. Ops/Sales status - mark checkboxes to get the status dot/dots displayed:
  3. Crew changes - if the crew has been changed on the flight, an indication will be displayed right below STD time. If you hover the mouse over the flight, a pop-up window will show up with the crew change information. If either airport continuity or FTL is incorrect, the icon will become red.

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