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OPS CALENDAR - Crew indicators

We have introduced changes to OPS Calendar with regards to crew indicators.

'Crew change' indicator has been renamed to 'Flight Crew Change'.

The Flight Crew Change only takes the flights with assigned crew into consideration. Flights with no crew assigned, as well as duties, are ignored.

Duty on aircraft changes

We also added a possibility to display duties on aircraft information in the Calendar view. It is important, that the duty is assigned to aircraft registration and the crew is assigned to a specific position on this duty. There could be a number of crew pairings on one day in which case, the blue bar would display it as follow: CPT1-FO1, CPT2-FO2, etc

Once the duty is assigned to the crew, you need to activate 'Crew duties' option in 3-dot filter > 'Show on calendar' section. Once this is activated, Calendar will indicate this duty as per below:

Yellow markers indicate the change of crew on the aircraft duty on the particular aircraft.

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