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Aircraft Maintenance scope

This scope shows the most important data added to Leon when scheduling an Aircraft Maintenance, in a section 'MX > Scheduled Maintenance'.

Available columns in Aircraft Maintenance scope

To add it, enter the main 'Report Wizard' page, click add-report-icon.png and select 'Aircraft Maintenance' scope. You can also select report's category as 'MX'.

scope selecting.png

Leon will show a few default columns: MX name, status, aircraft reg number, airport where MX will take place, MX start & end date and time.

You can add more columns to the mentioned ones by using the left filter. All available columns displayed on the screenshot on the right-hand side.

It is possible to filter the report by: Aircraft reg number, Airport, AOG (yes/no) and Status of Maintenance (open/completed) - click the icon

filter icon.png and select one of the available filter options.

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