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We have added a new scope Crew Roster to the report WIZARD, as well as other features.

Scope 'Crew Roster'

This new scope allows generating reports strictly based on duties added in the roster (in both: Crew Duties and Crew Panel sections).

To add it, go to main Wizard page, click and select 'Crew Roster'.

Scope 'Crew Roster' in Wizard report

Once it's selected, Leon will show a few default columns - use left-hand filter to either add more columns, or to remove some of them.


This new scope's columns filter contains of most important details, such as: crew member, aircraft, duty start & end, duty type & name, duty duration and more. See the screenshot on the right to see all available columns.

Filtering options

Use the icon for filtering options.

Use the icon in case you need to remove columns or change their order (drag & drop columns).

Other features

1. Scope 'Flight' has 2 new columns available:

- showing if the flight was domestic or international

- available for KG, LBS, L and US GAL, showing value inserted in the Journey Log

2. It is now possible to download a long-range report to PDF - when generating the report for time range over 92 days, Leon will do it in the background and will show an option of downloading it in the main Wizard page, on the right-hand side, in either Excel or PDF format.

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