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New columns & filters

Scope FLIGHT - new columns

Calculated climb time, Calculated descent time, Max FL flight time (all 3 used in cosmic radiation calculation - hover the mouse over column's name to view explanation)

Aircraft serial number along with each engine serial number and each engine TAH & TAC

ADEP/ADES Fuel provider (selected from a tab FUEL of OPS panel)

Ground fuel usage in KG, LBS, L, US GAL (calculated as: Fuel before uplift + Uplift - Block Fuel)

Quote Request ID showing quote number from 'Requests/Quotes' panel

Scope CREW ROSTER - new columns


We have added a new option which allows filtering by number of the crew assigned to the flight:

  • Normal - minimum Crew number set in Settings > Fleet > BASIC tab
  • Augmented - minimum Crew number augmented by additional crew
  • Doubled - doubled number of minimum Crew

Scope TRIPS - a new column

Sum PAX [JL] - PAX summary per a trip (from Journey Log).

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