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New options have been added to the REQUESTS/QUOTES panel.

1. We have added 'German Aviation Tax' into the available fees. You can find more information about 'German Aviation Tax', as well as about 'UK Air Passenger Duty Tax' and 'Italian Luxury Tax' HERE.

2. 'Reply To' field has been added to the email sending pop-up windows . You can insert an email address manually, or define a default email address/addresses in a section 'Email Templates' of the 'Settings' panel..

3. A button has been re-named to

4. An option to check the price per hour of the flight - hover the mouse over the 'Total Price' amount to see the value.

5. 'Aircraft Fees' are now on top of the 'Airport Fees' in sections: a) Quote's fees edition, b) Sales > Fees, c) Aircraft edition > tab Sales. Moreover, you can define an Aircraft fees order (drag & drop a particular fee on the page) and that order will appear when adding a new quote on the list of fees.

6. Client's emails from his/her profile - including additional email/emails added with the tag 'Work' - will show in quote's 'T/O & LDG emails' field (as well as in a tab TRIP of OPS panel).

7. PAX data added in Requests/Quotes panel can now also be edited in OPS section.

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