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New features in R/Q Panel

We have introduced the following new features:

  1. Favourite handler per Client
  2. Assigning RFQ's to bases
  3. Tagging requests
  4. Additional Fees

Favourite handler per Client

It is possible to assign a default handling agent to a Client in Leon.

Assigning a handler

In order to assign a Handling Agent to a Client, you need to:

  • Edit the Client in Sales module. An agent can also be assigned while adding a new Client in the Sales module
  • Select the Agent(s) in the 'Preferred handling agent' box. Handling agent can be searched by using:
    • Airport ICAO/IATA/Custom code
    • Handler Name
    • Combination of 'Airport code - Handler name'
  • Once the Handler is assigned, it will appear as a tag below the 'Preferred handling agent' selection box
  • Save changes

Only one Handler per airport can be assigned to a Client. Assigning second Handling Agent will replace already assigned Handler.

It is possible to assign multiple Handling Agents at different Airports to one Client.

Preferred Handler assigned to the trip in OPS view

Once the Handler is assigned, it will auto-populate in the OPS checklist when the trip is booked.

Handler assigned to the Client has higher priority than the Handling Agent selected as preferred in the Airport Directory. This means that the Handler assigned to the Client will overwrite the preferred Handler from 'AD' upon booking the trip from Sales.

Additionally, Handler assigned to the Client is prioritised over the default Handler assigned to the Client Representative.

If the Handler is changed in the OPS Checklist, updating the trip from Sales panel will affect the Handler selection.

If the trip is added in OPS section and the Client is assigned in the TRIP tab, the Client's preferred Handling Agent will be assigned to the trip.

Handling Agent can only be assigned to a Client in the Sales module. Handling Agent assigned to Client Representative is not taken into consideration.

Assigning RFQ's to bases

RQ assigned to a base

It is possible to assign requests to bases.

This feature only applies to operators that have more that one base. For the operators with one base only this functionality will not apply.

Bases can be defined in General Settings section.

Assigning Operator base to a Client

Once the bases are added, it is possible to assign one to a user, Client or directly to the request.

Operator bases can be assigned as follow:

  • Client/Client Representative - by editing Client/Client Representative in RQ details section
  • User - by editing a user in Settings > Users section

If the base is assigned to a Client, the trip requested by this particular Client will automatically be assigned to the Client's base.

Once this request is edited by a user with base assigned then this request will get assigned to the user base automatically.

It is also possible to assign or change original base, including base initially assigned to a Client, without having to assign a specific user.

Requests filtered by one Operator base

The 'Requests/Quotes' list includes all the requests including the ones without bases assigned.

If you select a particular base in the operator selection dropdown (top-right corner of Leon), the Requests/Quotes list will only display the requests assigned to this particular base. See screenshot on the right.

Change of assignee or a Client does not automatically change the base assigned to the request.

Tagging Requests

RQ list with assigned tags

It is possible to tag requests in a similar to tagging flights/trips in the OPS section.

Creating new tag

Creating the tags is only possible from the main 'Requests/Quotes' view.

In order to create a new tag you need to:

  • Make sure that the 'Tags' column is activated in the filter
  • Click on the 'Tags' column
  • In the 'Tags' pop-up window:
    • Insert the name of the new tag and press 'Enter' key on your keyboard
    • Click on the new tag colour square and select the prefered colour
    • Save the changes
  • The tag is added to the list as well as added to the selected request

It is possible to assign multiple tags to one request following the abovementioned process. When tagging a request it is possible to both add new tags as well as assign already existing tags. Clicking on the 'Tags:' field will display a dropdown list with already added tags.

If there are multiple tags added to a request, the list will display it as . Hovering the mouse over the number will display the names of remaining tags in a tooltip.

Filtering by tags

There is a possibility of filtering by tags. Simply click on the icon and insert the names of the tags you'd like to filter by.

The filter works based on 'or' rule which means that if there are tags 'A' and 'B' and there are 3 trips - one with 'A' and 'B' assigned, second with only 'A' assigned and third with only 'B' assigned - filtering by 'A' and 'B' will display all of these flights.

Additionally, tags are available in the Report Wizard, scope 'Quote'. We have added column 'Tags' as well as a filtering by 'Tags' with 'Include'/'Exclude' options.

Once the trip is booked the tags do not appear in the OPS section. Sales and OPS tags are not shared.

Additional fees

Catering fee update

Catering fee has been updated by an additional element called 'Min. block time'.

The additional elements that affect the Catering fee calculations are:

  • Min. block time - minimum block time to apply catering
  • 'Apply after [hh:mm] h' - this option allows selecting the number of ground time hours after which the catering fee should apply. If the time between the flights is less than this value, the flights are considered as one for the Catering purposes. If it is more, the Catering fee is calculated based on the number of PAX on each flight.

Catering fee calculation

The example presented in the screenshot shows that if the 'Catering' minimum block time is set to 1h (as per above) and required ground time is more than 2h, Leon will calculate this as follows:

  • the ground time between leg 2 (WAW-AMS) and leg 3 (AMS-RKE) is less than 2h, therefore, these 2 legs are calculated as 1 for catering purposes. Additionally, block time on leg 2 and 3 are over the minimum required (1h). This is giving 3 PAX in total (€300)
  • leg 4 is calculated as a separate leg. Block time on this flight is over 1h, therefore, another 3 PAX are calculated for the catering purposes (€300) giving the total of 6 in the whole trip (€600)

'Navigational fee' has been added to 'Airport fees.

It could be used to include the cost of Permits (overflight/landing), Slots etc.

It is calculated based on the number of departures and landings at an airport.

Example of 'Navigational fee' calculation


In the screenshot on the right there is the following routing:


Considering that the 'Navigational fee' is set to €200 for each airport, the total will be calculated as per below:

  • LTN - 2 x €200
  • WAW - 4 x €200
  • AMS - 2 x €200
  • RKE - 2 x €200

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