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CO2 emission on sales documents

More and more clients travelling by airplanes want to know how much CO2 will be emitted during the flight they have bought. Meeting this request we have added an option to show CO2 emission on sales documents: Flight Quotation and Flight Brief.

In order to have CO2 on sales documents, follow below steps.

  1. In the tab OPS of an aircraft profile (section Settings > Fleet) select Fuel type (JETA1 or AVGAS).
  2. In the tab PERFORMANCE add Average fuel consumption.
  3. In a section Documents Manager edit one of the sales documents and add CO2 on it by using an item 'CO2' from Available Data filter.

To calculate CO2 emission Leon uses block time, average fuel usage and the factor: for JETA1 - 3.16 and for AVGAS - 3.10
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