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It is possible to edit the originally requested schedule and reflect it in the main 'Requests/Quotes' view.

EDIT REQUEST button is available by the quote number in the quote details section:

'EDIT REQUEST' pop-up window

Clicking on the 'EDIT REQUEST' button will open the 'Edit quote request' pop-up window (quote editing part presented on the right). This window is identical to the 'Add new quote request' window.

In the 'Edit quote request' window, the initially requested schedule can be amended.

The changes can include:

  • schedule - routing as well as the number of PAX
  • aircraft - change of aircraft or additional aircraft
  • option to include positioning legs
Updated schedule applied

After the changes are performed and applied ('UPDATE' button), the yellow strip will appear in the request edit section with the following options:

  • IGNORE - does not apply any changes
  • APPLY - the update will be accepted and reflected in the updated itinerary
  • CREATE NEW - new itinerary on the same aircraft will be created within the same request (the second tab with the updated itinerary)
  • SHOW CHANGES - displays the history of changes of the request

The screenshot on the right presents the usage of the REGENERATE button.

If the changes are applied to the schedule, the quotation will recalculate automatically.

Additionally, the changes applied will reflect in the main 'Requests/Quotes' view:

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