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Exclusion zones

Flight times calculated based on the exclusion zones

It is now possible to indicate the exclusion zones - countries over which the aircraft should not be flying.

Once the exclusion zones are selected, the flight time calculations in Aviapages ('Calculate Flight Time' option) will take these zones into consideration. See the screenshot on the right-hand side.

The exclusion zones can be indicated in 3 sections in Leon:

  • Client profile - 'Exclusion zones' box in 'PERSON' column. Simply start insert the country name and select it from the dropdown list

  • Fleet - 'Exclusion zones' box in the 'SALES' tab of the aircraft edition

  • General Settings - 'Exclusion zones' subsection in the 'Sales' tab in 'General Settings'. Click on the 'Add country to exclude' button to select the next country

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