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Flight time calculations based on Historical Flights

Flight time calculations based on 'Historical flights'

Flight times calculations based on the Historical flights is available, as a third option, under button.

This option calculates the flight times based on the specific routes performed on selected aircraft types within a specific timeframe.

The calculation is based on at least 4 flights on the type scheduled closest to the date of the flight that is being calculated. For example, if the trip is scheduled in the 21st week, Leon searches for a minimum of 4 flights within the weeks surrounding week 21, in the following order: 21, 20, 22, 19, 23, 18, 24, and so on. Until it finds enough data to perform the calculations. Leon takes the last 4 years worth of flights on the type throughout all the operators.

The final value is calculated as the sum of all matching flights divided by the number of flights. Additionally, Leon includes deviation.

Hovering the mouse over the calculated flight time value will display the information on the number of the flights used and the value of deviation in the following format:

Based on X flights, +-hh:mm, i.e. Based on 5 flights, +-00:06

If Leon is unable to calculate the flight time, Data not available information will display.

Once the flight times are applied to the itinerary, the prices within the quote will recalculate automatically.

Fight time calculations based on the Historical flights are not available to subcharter aircraft.

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