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Flight time calculations from RouteFinder

Flight time calculations from RouteFinder

RouteFinder flight times calculations option has been introduced in Sales Panel.

Like the 'Aviapages' option, it is available when clicking on button.

'RouteFinder' does not require separate integrations and is available by default to every Sales Panel user.

The flight time is calculated automatically when selecting the 'RouteFinder' option.

It is possible to calculate based on Trafic flow restrictions. If the Trafic flow restrictions parameter is set to 'Yes', 'RouteFinder' will search for the route that will validate in the 'Eurocontrol', taking into consideration such limitations as no-fly zones, etc.

'RouteFinder' also takes into consideration 'Exclusion zones' that can be set per Operator, Client, and Fleet.

If an aircraft type is not available in the 'RouteFinder', the 'Aircraft type is not supported' message will appear.

Once the 'RouteFinder' flight times are applied to the itinerary, the prices within the quote will recalculate automatically.

'RouteFinder' flight time calculations are not available to subcharter aircraft.

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