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Defining email template for Option
Charter Agreement sending form

We have improved workflow in Requests/Quotes. We have changed the way of selecting a quote you want to work on - now it is the selected aircraft that represents the quote and the quote becomes a default quote for further proceeding.

  • When creating a quote for more than 1 aircraft (or editing downloaded quote from Avinode for 2,3 or more tails), by clicking QUOTE button Leon gives you an option to choose for which tail you want to send a quote. Mark an aircraft and Leon will show details of the selected quote. Here you can either send a quote or skip sending quote, however, skipping sending quote will still change quote's status to Quoted in the main Requests/Quotes list. The Form for sending an email or skipping sendind an email also shows when you select REJECT.
  • By selecting OPTION you can choose previously defined Email template for options (section Settings > Email templates > Add template - here you can define default 'FROM', 'Reply to', 'CC', 'BCC', Email subject and Email body).

  • When sending Charter Agreement document, you can select between aircraft and you can choose Email template (once you have defined email template, in a section Settings > Email Templates, for this document). Here you can also skip sending email and the status of the quote will show as 'Contract sent'. The same applies for Flight Brief sending - you can choose an email template and the aircraft.

  • Click a button DOCUMENT and you can now select between different versions of either Flight Quotation, Charter Agreement or Flight Brief - once different versions have been defined & published in Settings > Documents Manager panel. It is also possible to switch between aircraft before printing documents. In the same way works sending documents via email - you can choose the aircraft, select document template and an email template.
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