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New features in Requests/Quotes

There are 2 new functions added to 'Requests/Quotes' section:

  1. Feasibility check
  2. Sending quotation emails for more than one Quote

Feasibility check

Feasibility check window

It is now possible that Leon will inform you of the discrepancies with the quotation itinerary.

If there are any issues, Leon will display a warning icon in the last column of the itinerary:

If you click on Leon will display Feasibility check information window which provides specific warning details as presented in the screenshot.

Sending emails for more than one quote

Quotation email for two aircraft

If you have created a quote for 2 different aircraft, or downloaded a quote like that from Avinode, after clicking QUOTE Leon shows a pop-up window with 2 options available.

It is now possible to send the email with the details for more than one quotation by ticking more than one checkbox.

Leon will then generate the documents that include these 2 quotations based on the Sales Documents templates.

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