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We have implemented further modifications & features into Requests/Quotes panel.

1 - from now on when working with Avinode requests you can accept or reject selected quotes, instead of rejecting all quotes in the request you are managing.

In other words, you can accept or reject quotes inside Avinode request independently. You can also send to Avinode your own quote if only the aircraft assigned to it exists in Avinode.

All quotes sent to Avinode can be also rejected if needed. For quotes sent to Avinode aircraft change is not available.

Feasibility check in Requests/Quotes panel

2 - Leon will show an additional cautions regarding CREW & FTL limits.

CREW - Leon will show a caution 'Crew not available in the roster' if on the day of the quote (departure day) no minimum crew (defined in the aircraft profile for cockpit & cabin) have been assigned with the Duty on the aircraft (registration or type - depending on Duties Setup configuration).

FTL - a caution 'FTL close to limit for Cockpit/Cabin crew member: warning FDP length exceeded' will show up if defined in FTL Settings (by Leon Support Team) FDP threshold has been exceeded. If FDP lenght is exceeded, then Leon will show this as a warning (in red).

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