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We have introduced the following functionalities in the 'Requests/Quotes' section:

  1. 'Fuel stop' functionality
  2. 'Italian Luxury Tax'
  3. 'Subcharter price' input
  4. New pricelist items

1.'Fuel stop' functionality

It is possible to add a Fuel stop to a flight in the itinerary section by clicking on a 'Fuel stop' icon.

Fuel stop is indicated by the following icons:

  • - fuel stop required. This icon is displayed when the distance (in NM) between ADEP and ADES is greater than 'Max range with '0' PAX(NM)' or'Max range with max PAX NM)' configured in the Performance section of an aircraft in the 'Settings' > 'Fleet' section in Leon
  • - fuel stop optional. This icon is hidden and will be displayed if you hover the mouse over a flight in the itinerary
'Create Fuel Stop' window

To add a Fuel stop you have to:

  1. Click on a 'Fuel stop' icon
  2. In the 'Create Fuel Stop' window, you will see the list of airports. Airports are suggested based on a 50 NM radius from the point of refuelling (red dot). The list displays up to 5 airports sorted by the proximity from the airport of departure. Airports with 'C' and 'P' categories are not considered. It is also possible to insert your own airport of refuelling in the Custom Airport field.
  3. Select one of the airports from the list and click 'APPLY' button
  4. The 'Fuel stop' leg is added to the itinerary. The feasibility check can be performed by clicking on icon. The new schedule also includes aircraft rotation time. Example, route EPWA-EGGW after adding a 'Fuel stop' in EDDH would look as below:

2.'Italian Luxury Tax"

This is an additional item available only in the Requests/Quotes section.

'Italian Luxury Tax' is only calculated for the flights from and to Italian airports and depending on the number of PAX on each flight and the distance. The distance is calculated using Great Circle Distance + 95km.

The values are as per below:

  • €10 per PAX for the flights shorter than 100km
  • €100 per PAX for the flights between 100km and 1500km
  • €200 per PAX for the flights longer than 1500km
'Italian Luxury Tax' calculations


Trip consists of 3 flights to and from Italy.

Each flight has 3PAX added.

The distance between the airports on 2 of the flights is greater than 1500km and on the 3rd flight - 800km

In such case the calculation is as follow:

(6PAX x €200) + (3PAX x €100) = €1500

'Subcharter price' input

3.'Subcharter price' input

If you use a 'Subcharter' it is now possible to indicate the cost in the 'Subcharter price' input.

The 'SUBCHARTER' section is available only when the request is quoted on the Subcharter aircraft.

4. New pricelist items

The new pricelist items have been added to the Airport fees:

  • Saturday departure
  • Saturday landing
  • Sunday departure
  • Sunday landing
  • Pet fee
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