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The Margin

It is important to see the Margin between trip-related revenues and the cost - this way the operator knows whether to increase fees, or cut the cost.

When creating an aircraft pricing in Leon, it is now possible to define the Cost for each fee of the aircraft.

In a section Sales > Fees, when creating aircraft fees (or editing existing fees), Leon shows a separate column Cost. Here you can insert a value of the cost. The currency of the cost is the same as the price's currency. Items with no cost added will show as

The margin of the quote in Leon sales panel

Once the cost values have been added, in the quote's edition page Leon will show a new column Margin with percenage values.

If the cost is lower than the price, Leon will show the margin value in green. If the cost is higher than the price, Leon will show it in red. Hover the mouse over the margin's value to view details. At the bottom of the page Leon will show a total margin value.

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