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We have added the following features to the Requests/Quotes section:

  1. New way of adding requests
  2. Displaying archived requests
  3. Catering fee update
  4. Searching for reqistration in Subcharters

New way of adding quotes

New request pop-up window

To add a new quote you need to perform the following steps:

1. Click on NEW QUOTE option in the 'Requests/Quotes' screen

2. Fill in the information in the 'Add new quote request' window:

  • 'Requested by' - name of the Client requesting the trip
  • 'Min. category' - a category of the aircraft on which the trip is requested, e.g. Heavy jet, Midsize jet, Piston, etc. This will allow searching for the subcharter flights in Avinode if needed
  • 'Aircraft' - selecting aircraft on which the request should be performed. Only operator aircraft available in the dropdown list
  • 'Add positionings automatically:' - ticking the checkbox will automatically add the positioning legs
  • 'Schedule section' - ADEP, ADES, option to select 'Departure'/'Arrival' date and time (in LT) and the number of PAX
    New request editing window

3. Press 'CREATE' to add the request. You can also press 'SKIP' button which will allow you to add a request using quote editing view however this method will require to add a quote manually and also it will not have an option to 'FIND SUBCHARTER/COMPARE PRICE' in Avinode

4. Request editing section will open, where:

  • if 'Add positionings automatically:' checkbox has been ticked, the positioning legs should be added automatically and should be marked as 'Ferry'
  • the schedule timeframes should be built based on the aircraft performance and the minimum ground time required (Positioning flights)
  • the quote should be added and calculated based on the 'Fees' assigned in the aircraft settings, 'SALES' tab. If there are no fees assigned to the requested aircraft, then no quote will be created automatically
Request without assigned aircraft

It is possible to add a request without selecting the aircraft.

In this case, the editing window would suggest creating a quote ('CREATE A QUOTE' button) or finding subcharter in Avinode ('FIND SUBCHARER/COMPARE PRICE' button).

If we choose to create a quote, the standard edition window will appear with the schedule that we inserted initially but with no aircraft selected and no times calculated.

The request with no aircraft assigned will present on the list of requests as per below:

Displaying archived requests

We have introduced functionality that will automatically archive the requests.

The request is considered as 'Archived' if:

  • the status is set to either 'Rejected' or 'Done' or,
  • if the itinerary is scheduled before 'NOW'

Show also archived checkbox has been added which allows displaying archived requests.

'Archived' requests are indicated on the list of requests by the grey bar on the left-hand side and 'Archived' label underneath the status in the 'Status' column

The Requests list is checked every 6 hours.

Catering fee update

Catering fee applies to all PAX on the flight excluding fuel stops.

Additional 'Apply after [hh:mm] h' option has been introduced.

This option allows selecting the number of ground time hours after which the catering fee should apply. If the time between the flights is less than this value, the flights are considered as one for the Catering purposes. If it is more, the Catering fee is calculated based on the number of PAX on each flight.

Catering fee calculation

The example presented in the screenshot shows that if the 'Catering' fee block time is set to 2h (as per above), Leon will calculate this as follows:

  • the ground time between leg 2 (WAW-AMS) and leg 3 (AMS-RKE) is less than 2h, therefore, these 2 legs are calculated as 1 for catering purposes giving 3 PAX in total
  • leg 4 is calculated as a separate leg, therefore, another 3 PAX are calculated for the catering purposes giving the total of 6 in the whole trip

If there was only 1 leg with PAX within one request, Catering would be calculated based on the number of PAX on this leg.

Adding an extra leg with 2 PAX to our example with the ground time of more than 2h would add extra 2 PAX towards Catering fee calculation. The same would happen if the timeframe between each leg in our example was more than 2h. In this case, the Catering would be calculated based on 9PAX rather than 6.

Searching for reqistration in Subcharters

Subcharter aircraft search dropdown

It is now possible to search previously used subcharter aircraft by registration.

If you start typing in the aircraft registration the dropdown list will appear.

It will display both aircraft registration and the operator name in the format Registration, Operator name.

The aircraft is listed based on the date of the last request created on this particular aircraft.

Once we select the aircraft, all the data is copied from the previous request, including type, crew, aircraft details and photos.

The only input that is not copied is the subcharter price.

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