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 +====== Tagging Invoice ======
 +[{{ :leon:sales:invoice_with_tags.png?300|'Tags' in Invoice}}]
 +It is possible to **tag an Invoice**. 
 +The option is available on the 'Invoice'/'Recharge invoice'/'Credit note'.
 +In order to **add a new tag** you need to:
 +  - Insert the new tag name in the 'Tags' box and press 'Enter'. A new tag will appear underneath the 'Tags' box
 +  - Click on the color square and select the color using the available palette
 +  - Sending / Saving without sending the Invoice will save the tag
 +Once the tag is saved, it will be available in the dropdown list in the 'Tags' box.
 +Tags added to the Invoice are available in the Report Wizard > Scope 'Invoices & Credit Notes', column 'Invoice Tags'.
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