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Building schedule using block hours

Creating a new schedule based on 'Block hours' selection

It is now possible to build the schedule in 2 ways:

  • Based on 'To date' module - current model allowing creating a schedule based on 'From/To' selection
  • Based on 'Block hours' module - new option allowing creating a schedule based on the number of block hours allowed within the schedule

Current 'To date' model has not changed and works exactly in the same way as it worked until now.

If the schedule is built based on 'Block hours' model, you need to indicate the number of hours that the aircraft is allowed to perform.

Once it is indicated, Leon will limit the schedule and the number of rotations up to to this limit.


As you can see in the screenshot on the main right-hand side, the schedule was limited to 30 block hours. There are 6h25m of block time within each rotation, which means that there can only be 4 rotations built within 30h worth of allowed block time:

4 x 06:25 = 25:40

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