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In a section SCHEDULE, tab FLIGHT, we have added a new field Rotation - minimum time on the ground needed for unloading & loading the aircraft as well as fueling and cleaning, etc…

The first step to enable this functionality is defining a Default Rotation Time in a section Settings > Flight Editing. Right now that default time is set as 01:00 (which you can over-write to appropriate value).

Once it's defined, when you add a trip (i.e. 3 legs), in a section TIMELINE Leon will show legs where all legs - apart from the first one - have already added flight-times belts. They remain with scheduled times until Flight Watch details are filled in (see example below).

Rotation 1.png

The logic behind this option is to monitor if the current leg is delayed and if time between landing and BLOFF of the next leg exceeds Rotation time. If so, Leon will delay next legs by that difference. Below you can find examples describing possible situations.

  • BLOFF filled in

The screenshot below shows a case where BLOFF is 09:16 where scheduled STD of the 2nd leg is 12:10. That means that the rotation time defined as 01:00 would be less than this value. That is why Leon “pushed” 2nd leg's flight time bar to 12:16.

rotation 2.png

  • EET & ETA filled in

By inserting a value EET (Estimated Endroute Time) Leon autimatically calculates ETA. The screenshot below shows a case where EET is 02:00 hence Leon “pushed” 2nd leg's flight time bar to 12:26 taking also into consideration Taxi In time at the GVA airport (which is defined as 00:10). As you can notice, Leon also pushed 3rd leg's flight time bar by 00:01 to 16:16 because the rotation time would not be 01:00.

rotation 3.png

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