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Exporting documents to CrewBriefing

Sending documents to CrewBriefing in PPS

It is now possible to upload the documents to PPS directly from the Documents Menu in the section SCHEDULE.

It is possible to send:

Export to CrewBriefing window
  • one particular document - by clicking on the 'PPS icon' next to the document
  • batch of marked documents - by marking the documents you would like to send and clicking on the 'PPS icon' by the main section (OPS or SALES) in the document drop-down menu

The process of sending the documents is as follow:

  1. open the 'Document Menu' in the SCHEDULE section.
  2. choose if you wish to send the documents per TRIP or per LEG.
  3. choose the documents you would like to send.
  4. click on the relevant 'PPS icon', depending on whether you wish to do that for 1 document or for the bunch.
  5. a window will pop up with the selected documents - click on 'SEND' button. It might happen that some of the documents woulnd't get sent on the first attempt. In such case, simply click on 'RESEND FAILED' until all the documents are marked with the green tick.
  6. once all documents have been sent, you should be able to view them in CrewBriefing in PPS. The documents sent form Leon are merged into a file generated for Crew in CrewBriefing page.

It also is possible to upload files for multiple trips. To do so simply mark the trips you would like to send the documents for, open the documents menu and click on the relevant 'PPS icon'. If some of the documents fail to upload, the window will display a message as per below

It is only possible to upload PDF format to CrewBriefing in PPS. The documents are stored in CrewBriefing for 3 days from the date of the flight after which they're removed from the database.

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