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Manual switch for FDP extension

Applying FDP+ extension to crew

We have added a possibility of manually switching off and on the FDP extension.

This option is located in the tab CREW in the 'Duty & FDP Sectors' of 'FTL Calculations'.

The FDP+ checkbox is displayed when FDP extension rules apply. If extension requires planning, 'FDP+' will only display when extension has been planned.

To activate the checkbox simply click on 'EDIT' button in the 'FTL Calculations' section.

The way the 'FDP+' checkbox works is very simple:

  • FDP+ ticked - extension applies and is included in the FDP extension limits.
  • FDP+ unticked - extension is disabled.

Hovering the mouse over the 'FDP+' will inform you of the current status of the FDP extension.

Using 'FDP+' automatically recalculates Max FDP Limit and does not require saving.

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