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SCHEDULE - adding quotation & printing documents

Printing sales documents in a section SCHEDULE

Enter a section SCHEDULE and in a right-hand filter,in a tab TRIP click a link Create .

Here you can either insert a quotation number manually or Leon will generate an automatic number if you leave a field 'Quotation No.' empty. You can also add a general quote price and select a currency. You can add a quotation number in either TABLE, CALENDAR or TIMELINE section.


Now you can right-hand click a particular flight and generate sales documents, which can be done in TABLE, CALENDAR or TIMELINE.

If you use multi-language documents, Leon will give you an option to select the one you need to print - you just need to click the icon of the language (see below option between ENG & GER versions).

sales docs.png

If you change the price in SCHEDULE > TRIP, Leon will show a warning: “Prices set in quotation no: 12345 will be reset by this action.”. In a section Planned Flights changed price will appear in a field 'Extra Fee' and all other previously defined fees will be reduced to zero.
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