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Import PAX list from text

Pax Manifest document

Import from text option will allow you to add Passenger details from a file.The Passenger details will be added to the flight and Phonebook at the same time. The Passenger details have to be inserted in certain format. There are currently 2 formats available, where pax details need to appear in order as below:

  1. Number, Title, Surname Firstname, Date of birth, Passport number, Passport expiry date, Nationality
  2. Number, Title, Surname Firstname, Date of birth (dd-mm-yyyy)


1, Mr, Smith John, 06-03-1978, ABC123456, 13-12-2020, UK

2, Ms, Smith Jessica, 03-06-2001

As you can see from the screenshot, depending on the format inserted, PAX Manifest document will be filled in fully or partially.

The process of importing PAX list from text is very simple:

Import PAX list from text option
  • Choose format - select the format you wish to use to insert your passengers from the dropdown in the 'Import pax list from text' window.
  • Insert PAX list - in the left editable field you can either 'enter' or copy/paste PAX list in the chosen format.
  • Parse - after inserting the list, button will activate. This button will check whether there is any inconsistency between the format and the data inserted. If there are mistakes, Leon will display the following message: Please check if items left in the text editor match the chosen format.. If the PAX data is inserted correctly, Leon will display: 1 pax will be added to the flight. Clicking 'OK' button will add Passenger list to the flight.
  • SAVE - this allows saving PAX list on the flight
It is possible to import PAX list from text when the passengers have already been added from the database. If you insert passenger that already exists in the Phonebook, this passenger data will be duplicated.Passengers can be added to one leg at the time only.
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