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Night Take off and Landing

Night Take off and Landing options in the JL

It is now possible to mark in the Journey Log if Night Take off or Night Landing took place.

The first step is to activate this option. You can do it in Settings > Flight Editing by ticking Night Landing and Take off checkbox in Show in Journey Log section. Once you have done that, Night Take off and Night Landing options will show in 'Optional JL Fields' section of the Journey Log. Each of these options has a drop-down list with the following items:

  • Auto - default option, calculation based on local night time
  • Yes - considered as Night Take off/Landing, regardless Local Time
  • No - not considered as Night Take off/Landing, regardless Local Time

These options together with 'Landings' and 'Pilot flying' elements of the JL will calculate pilot's currency for the number of Night Take offs/Landings in a given period of time.

This option is only available in the SCHEDULE section of Leon.
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