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Opportunity - new Trip status

'Opportunity' is a status specifically designed for Sales teams and available only in the SCHEDULE section of Leon. This allows Sales team to effectively plan potential sales schedule.

This is a different status from the 'Option'. 'Opportunity' is a possibility for a potential sale of a flight and it could turn into an 'Option' if a quotation for a particular route has been requested.

The characteristics of this status are:

  • Different background - this status is represented by different background (on the right). This also informs OPS Team of this not being an actual flight, so they do not have to work on it. 15
  • Shows in Avinode - can be exported and sold in Avinode as an empty leg.
  • Aircraft positioning - in Leon, this status does not position an aircraft from one place to another. Aircraft is visible at the arrival airport of the last confirmed flight (see example below).
  • Document menu - disabled for this Trip status. It is impossible to print flight documents for this status.
Trip type 'Opportunity' in a section CALENDAR


As you can see in the screenshot the aircraft landed at EPKK and the next confirmed flight 3 days later is scheduled from EPWA. You can add the 'Opportunity' Trip in order to make it visible in Avinode and possibly sell the flight rather than positioning it as empty from EPKK to EPWA. As you also can see in the screenshot, the aircraft has not been positioned and is still placed in EPKK.

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