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Improved way of sending or printing OPS & Sales documents

Available options to send or print documents

As you can see in the attached screenshot Leon gives you an option to send (envelope icon) or print (printer icon) marked documents either per Leg or per Trip by clicking on the icon by the main section (OPS, SALES). In this case at least one document has to be ticked in order to make the icon by the header active. If you hover the mouse over any available document Leon will also display both icons next to the document. This will allow you to send or print a document individually.

If you are sending OPS documents Leon will automatically populate e-mail addresses of the Crew assigned to this flight. E-mails are taken from Work email in User Profile section. From email address is imported from work email of the person sending the documents.

For SALES documents, From e-mail addresses, Subject and E-mail body are imported from 'Quotation Email Templates' Settings. There, you can also upload additional files that can be sent along with standard sales documents. If you are sending all SALES documents in one email, Leon will only suggest From and To e-mails and also the Sales documents will be attached.

After sending SALES documents, Leon will display the “Last sent” date in the document menu (see the screenshot below) underneath sent document. This will only show when you hover the mouse over the document. You can click on the date and Leon will display sent document.


It is not possible to send OPS and SALES documents in one e-mail.

If the documents from SALES section are inactive, it means that the Quotation for this Trip is not yet created.

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