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Adding/Editing passport changes

Passport section in Edit Person

We have re-arranged Passports interface in 'Edit Person' section for both: crew members and passengers. The following changes have been made:

  • NEW PASSPORT - clicking on this button will add an extra line to Passports list. If more than one passport is entered, they will show as 'Passport main' and 'Passport alternative' in endorsement section.
  • Uploading scan - it is possible to upload relevant scan to the corresponding passport.
  • Notes - it is possible to add notes per passport. If notes are added, they will be marked with icon. If you hover the mouse over the icon you will get these notes displayed in a tooltip.
  • Updates - any changes made in this section will reflect in Endorsements and User Profile for the crew, as well as in the Phonebook for both the crew and PAX. And vice-versa.
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