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Each Leon user can define his own view of the schedule list. It is possible to add or remove columns, decide if ACFT or Flight number should appear with a colour, if Leon should show any warnings, cautions or notices and to define preferred airport code as well as timezone.

To access the panel click icon in top-right corner of the screen.


Leon allows to add more columns to the overall schedule view (apart from the default ones, such as: FW & JL, Flight No., Day, Date, STD, ADEP, ADES, STA, ACFT, PAX, Tags) - click 'Columns' and mark appropriate checkbox, then click 'APPLY'.


Here you can define if Leon should colour Flight No. column and/or ACFT column, as well if Leon should dim ferry legs. By marking a checkbox Entire leg row Leon will colour an entire row, either with the flight type colour (if 'Aircraft colours' checkbox is left unmarked), or with an aircraft colour (if 'Aircraft colours' checkbox is marked). If both checkboxes (Flight type & Aircraft colours) are marked - Leon will show an aircraft colours as this colour has priority over flight type one.


All warnings in Leon are displayed in red. Here, you can mark particular (or all) checkboxes and if i.e.:PAX passport is expired, crew FTL violated or crew endorsement is expired - Leon will show PAX number value in red just like crew codes. User can hover the mouse over the alerted item to see details.


Here you can mark checkboxes for particular cautions, i.e.: PAX passport missing, Airport cat B or HIL restriction, which Leon shows in the Table page in yellow Hover the mouse over the alerted item to see details.


Notices are dislpayed in the Table page in white and can be turned on for items like i.e.: Airport note, Flight diverted or Aircraft documents expired. Hover the mouse over the alerted item to see details.

Preferred airport code

Switch between ICAO & IATA airport codes to be displayed in the Schedule section (Table, Calendar or Timeline).


Here you can choose if Leon should show STD & STA times in UTC, LT (at ADEP/ADES airports) or Base Time (defined in an user's profile).

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