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Crew Endorsements re-arrangement

We have re-arranged panel Crew Endorsements by moving some of its sections to Settings screen.

On the menu bar drop-down CREW contains now only main Endorsements view (the list of all crew with assigned endorsements along with their details) and Endorsements for Airports. The other sections such as Endorsements List, Endorsements List by Functions (new section described below) and Email Notifications (re-named to Mailing Rules) have been moved to Settings (and can be found under Crew Endorsements icon).

  • Endorsements List by Functions
Endorsements List by Function

Here you can see all endorsements grouped by an aircraft type and a crew function. Leon shows only crew functions which have been enabled in a section Aircraft Crew Positions, including positions for Maintenance or Ground staff. You can click on a particular position to re-arrange endorsements settings (mark/unmark checkboxes).

  • Mailing Rules

This section was previously known as 'Email Notifications' and the full description is here.

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