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Sending schedule in SCR format

Format SCR (Slot Clearance Request/ Response) can be used by right-clicking with the mouse and selecting SHOW SCHEDULE. When a pop-up window appears, you can change the format from 'Plain Text' to SCR.

The message must be in the format as in the screenshot - it cannot be customized.


SCR (type of request)

W17 (indication of season)

21DEC (date of the day)

LTN (Airport at which slots are being requested)

N 124 21DEC21DEC 0000500 011GJ4 1400WAW C (flight details, see explanation below)

N - action code; 123 - flight number; 21DEC21DEC 0000500 - date & day of flight; 011GJ4 - capacity + aircraft type; 1400WAW - origin of flight (IATA) + scheduled timem of arrival; C - type of flight (available types in Leon as below)

  • W - Military - type ICAO 'M' in Leon
  • I - Ambulance Flight - type 'Ambulance' in Leon
  • T - Technical Test - type 'Technical' in Leon
  • K - Training Flights - type 'Training' in Leon
  • P - Positioning Flights – Non Revenue (ferry/delivery/demo) - flight 'Ferry' in Leon
  • J - Scheduled – Passenger Normal Service - type ICAO 'S' & trip type 'PAX' in Leon
  • F - Scheduled – Cargo and/or Mail - type ICAO 'S' & trip type 'PAX' in Leon
  • H - Charter – Cargo and/or Mail - type ICAO 'N' & trip type 'Cargo' in Leon
  • C - Charter – Passenger only - all other types

SI - free text GI BRGDS - free text

It is possible to change type of the action by selecting an appropriate option from the drop-down box:

  • N - New Schedule
  • D - Delete Schedule
  • C - Schedule to be changed
  • R - Revised Schedule
  • A - Accept an offer
  • P - Accept an offer with pending request time
  • Z - Decline an offer

Another drop-down box allows to select between airports.

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