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Adding Simulator window

We have simplified adding Simulators in OPS panel. It has been adjusted to how it is being done in Crew Panel. It is no longer possible to insert a new trip, type-Simulator (selected in a tab TRIP) in OPS panel. If you want to plan SIM duties to your pilots in crew duties roster, creating a new duty 'Simulator' in Settings > Duties Setup is required.

To add a new Simulator click on button. Once a pop-up window shows, fill it in with details such as: Aircraft type, Date, ADEP, ADES, BLOFF, T/O, LDG, BLON, Landings, Crew (CPT and FO), Pilot flying, Approach and Notes. All these details (apart from Notes) must be filled in in order to add SIM duty.

Added SIM duty will appear in OPS views with already filled in Journey Log.

Added Simulator flight can always be edited and its details can be changed.

In order to edit the Simulator, you need to click on it and the pop-up 'Edit Simulator' window will appear. There, you can update the relevant details and save the changes.

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