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DeliSky Integration

DeliSky is the No.1 leading worldwide online platform for VIP Inflight Catering services for the Business Aviation industry. You can learn more about DeliSky here

In order to integrate Leon with DeliSky you need to:

  • Contact DeliSky support on and request Login and User Key for integration with Leon
  • Insert the integration details in 'DeliDky Integration' section and save changes

Once the integration is in place you will be able to place an order with DeliSky via checklist in Leon. A link will be available next to the CATERING item in section PAX. Clicking on the link will transfer you to DeliSky's ordering page.

If DeliSky provide catering service at the chosen Airport you will be provided with a choice. If there is no DeliSky service you will be presented with 'Airport not found' message at ordering page.

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