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Rule-Based Email Notifications

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Rule-Based Email Notifications section - general view

Go to section Crew > Endorsements > Rule-Based Email Notifications to define rules for receiving notifications from Leon about the expiration of the crew endorsements.

You can set as many rules as you need. You can add different recipients (i.e. people who manage endorsements or particular groups of endorsements).

It is also possible to make Leon send notifications to the endorsement's owner (crew member). In this case you can set different intervals and a notification email will be sent to the owner regarding all his endorsements.

Owner notifications intervals defined in this section will get mirrored in the section Email notifications and vice versa.

Defining rules

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Defining a new rule for emails notifications

To define rules for sending email notifications regarding the expiration of endorsements you need to follow these steps:

  • In the section Settings open Endorsement notification rules drop-down box, click Add new rule and name the rule in the column Basic settings > Rule name.
  • Set intervals (how many days before the expiry date of the selected endorsements emails should be sent) for this particular rule.
  • Add recipient and select a person/persons to whom notification emails should be sent.
  • Mark Functional groups for this particular rule - cabin, cockpit, ground, or maintenance.
  • Select appropriate endorsements which should be included in the email notification.

Once all is set & defined, Leon will be sending notifications emails to your inbox with the header Notification of expiring endorsements. Inside the email you will find an information about the expiry date of endorsements.

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