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Notify Crew facility

Notify crew is a facility that allows you to send emails with flight documents to the Crew assigned to a flight.

If you click on “Notify Crew” in the toooltip it will open a New Message Dashboard. Email addresses of the Crew members assigned to a flight will be pre-populated in the “To” section. You can add extra email addresses in the box available.

Subject is always route and the date of the trip. You can also add a tag and write a message.

Flight documents attached by default are:

  • FTL document
  • Trip Sheet
  • Flight Order
  • Airport Briefs

It is possible to send all of them in one email or choose the ones that you want to send.

Apart from the documents available by default you can also attach extra files of up to 12MB in total.

Here is an example of New Message Dashboard:

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