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This function is available upon request - limits are customised by Leon Support depending on operator's preferences. To set up a margin that triggers the facility, please contact Leon Support.

Cumulative Duty Notification is a facility that provides information when cumulative duty is close to the maximum level (just before it is exceeded).

It consists of 2 parts:

  1. Flights List view
  2. Email notification

Flights List view

Cummulative Duty warning indication

When the Cumulative Duty time for a Crew member is over the level defined by an Operator and close to maximum Cummulative duty level allowed by Operator OM7, this crew member will be highlighted in yellow in section Flight List.

For example:

Operator has a limit of 60 hours of Cummulative Duty time in consecutive 7 days. Operator decided to display warning when crew is over 55 hours. When this level is exceeded the code of a crew will turn yellow and email notification is sent.

Clicking on this crew code opens FDP tab and highlights the part of Cummulative duty that is close to be exceeded.

Email Notifications

To set up the notification, you need to go to Admin > Operator Settings. In the tab General you see Cummulative Duty Limit Notification Service.

Cummulative Duty Notification - Setup screen

It has 2 editable fields:

  1. End limit (days from actual time) - in this field input number of days forward for Leon to check 'Cummulative duty'.
  2. E-Mail to notification - in this field input email addresses to which notifications should be sent.

When this is defined, notification email is sent whenever Cummulative duty hours for a memeber of the crew are over the stated value.

Email reads:

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