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Integration with RocketRoute

Link to Rocket Route

There are 2 conditions that have to be met regarding integration with RocketRoute:

  1. You have to be a RocketRoute user with active Login details.
  2. RocketRoute Login details (email and password) have to be input and saved in the User profile in “User settings” tab.

Once the above conditions are fulfilled you can start sending flights to RocketRoute.

Flights can only be sent from SCHEDULE section of Leon.

To send a schedule to RocketRoute you have to:

  1. Click on the RocketRoute link available in the documents tooltip (right click of the mouse in Table section) in order to activate “Send to RocketRoute” window.
  2. “Send to RocketRoute” window displays chosen schedula and gives an option to choose the aircraft and crew. Aircrafft and crew suggested in this window are the ones input in RocketRoute database. Click “Send” button to send to RocketRoute.
  3. Schedule available to view in RocketRoute.

RocketRoute have their own database of Crew and Aircraft.

When sending flights to RocketRoute:

  • Crew are being matched by emails (work email address in Leon). If emails do not match, Crew space is left blank and Crew have to be picked manually in RocketRoute software.
  • Aircraft is matched by its registration. Hyphens in the registration are ignored.
IMPORTANT ! This is one way integration only. If there are any changes made in RocketRoute, they will not update in Leon and vice-versa. If there are changes made in Leon and the flight is re-sent to RocketRoute, this flight will be duplicated in RocketRoute.
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