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Storage requirements reminder is a feature that sends email notifications shortly before engine parts need storage procedures.

To start using the feature, you need to enable it first.

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Reminder Service Activation Screen

Go to Admin > Operator settings > General tab. At the bottom of the screen you will see Storage Requirements Reminder Service section. Ticking the “Enable checkbox” will activate the facility as well as activate “Reminder” boxes in Admin > Fleet > Fleet edit > CAM tab.

In “Remainder period (days from SR event)” you define how many days before Storage Requirement, you want to receive a notification email.

In “Remainder e-mail recipients” you input emails of persons who should receive reminders. It is possible to input number of emails separated by commas.

The final step is to go to Admin > Fleet > Fleet edit > CAM tab and input number of days in “Reminder” box in the part you require storage for.


We input value 3 (for 3 days) in “Remainder period (days from SR event)” in Admin > Operator settings. We input value 5 (for 5 days) for one of parts in “Reminder” in CAM section of Fleet for 1 particular aircraft.

If this aircraft has a flight scheduled on day 1, the Storage requirement will fall on day 6 (SR). In this case Storage requirement reminder email will be sent on day 3 as it is 3 days before SR.

Reminder email will not be sent in 2 cases:

  • If a flight is scheduled before Storage Requirement day for this particular aircraft, or
  • If there is a maintenance scheduled before Storage Requirement day for this particular aircraft.
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