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The main change is adding a new tab Roster where schedule and crew changes have been moved (cockpit, cabin and other crew).

Flight notifications - the main screen view

We have also re-arranged other 2 tabs:

Trip - number of checkboxes in this tab depends on what items have been marked in Sales checklist (section Settings > Flight editing), i.e.:

  • Crew: crew currency
  • Flight: catering
  • Contract: contract signed, invoices, payments
  • Notes: notes

Flight - contains the OPS checklist items marked in section Settings > Flight editing, i.e.:

  • Ops: landing permission, overflight permission, ADEP/ADES slots, fuel
  • Handling: ADEP/ADES handling agents
  • Crew: hotel details
  • Cargo: cargo details
  • Pax: pax list and catering
  • Customs: ADEP/ADES GAR
  • Notes: inserted into notes fields of the checklist
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