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CO2 Emission report for non-EU flights

CO2 Emission report for flights outside EU

When creating CO2 Emission report via WIZARD report, select appropriate columns in the left filter, such as: CO2 emission, Fuel used, Date, Registration and ADEP/ADES.

Once the report is created, click the filter icon and add EU ETS Exception filter selected as 'YES' - Leon will show only flights outside EU.

If you want a report for EU flights only, select an option 'NO' in the filter. You can also use a filter option Europe traffic filter where there are 5 options available:

  1. Inside EU - both ADEP & ADES must be within EU borders.
  2. Both airports outside EU - both ADEP & ADES must outside EU borders.
  3. EU Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) - flights with EU ETS selected in the Journey Log (if JL item 'EU ETS Exceptions' is added to JL from Settings > Flight Editing section).
  4. Inside geographic Europe - both ADEP & ADES must be within geographic Europe borders.
  5. Only inside EU (ETS directive - without CR ↔ CR) - flights inside EU apart those within Croatia.

By not selecting the filter Leon will show CO2 Emission report for all flights added to Leon.

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