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Invoices scope

Invoices report generated from Wizard

Invoices are important part of each Sales department of any company. We have added an additional 'Invoices' scope to the WIZARD REPORT page, so that Sales can generate, name and save a report containing only Invoices details (taken from Requests/Quotes panel).

In the main WIZARD REPORT page click and select the scope 'Invoices' to generate a report to which you can assign such columns as: Invoice No., Requested by, Sell date, Billing date, Total Gross or Total Net. These and other details of the invoice can be selected in the columns panel on the left.

Use the icon for further filtering options: click Quote request status and mark available checkboxes (statuses of the quote) from the list: New request, Quoted, Rejected, Option, Contract sent, Booked, Invoice sent, Brief sent and Done.

Use the icon in case you need to remove columns or change their order (drag & drop columns).

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