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Wizard Report new options

We have added a few new options into the Wizard Report: creating & saving personal reports and disabling the access to them to other users, creating positioning reports separately as well as new columns & new filters.

Personal reports

Visibility of the saved reports in Wizard

Each Leon user who has the access to the Wizard Report is now able to create and save a report to which no other user will have access.

After creating the report, right next to the field where the report can be named/renamed there is a checkbox - if it's marked, that report will be visible ONLY to the user who has created it - no other user will see it, unless the checkbox is unmarked.

If the checkbox is unmarked all users will see the report and will be able to view it BUT will not be able to make changes to it (SAVE button will be inactive).

On the main Wizard Report page, in a column Visibility each user can check which reports have been enabled to all users (indication 'Company') and which ones are blocked (indication 'Only me').

Positioning reports

Example of positionings report in Wizard

When adding a new report, Leon will show a pop-up window where you will need to select a Scope: either 'Flight' or 'Positioning'.

By selecting a scope 'Posiotioning' you will get date related to positionings ONLY, so both: columns & filters options will be narrowed down.

New columns & filters


We have added new columns into the left filter of the Wizard Report:

  • CO2 Emission
  • Payload/Distance
  • Crew codes
  • Crew names
  • PAX names
  • Flight Log
  • Landing No.
  • STD (UTC & LT)
  • STA (UTC & LT)
  • Positioning crew


Click the filter icon to find new available options:

  • Airport - select one or more airports to get all flight from/to selected airports.
  • ADEP/ADES Country [Plan or JL] - select ADEP and/or ADES country to get all flights from/to selected countries (either by Plan or JL). * Crew members** - insert crew name or a code to view all flights performed by the crew (you can filter by more than one crew).
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