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Wizard Report new options

New columns

  • Client name - added in Phonebook, selected in a tab TRIP of Schedule.
  • Client code - added in Phonebook.
  • Offer price - price of the quotation.
  • Offer currency - default quotation currency displayed unless manually changed in Sales > Calendar.
  • Invoice note - note from Sales checklist item 'Invoices'.
  • APU hours - value from Journey Log.
  • Note - value from Journey Log.
  • DIV ICAO/DIV IATA - airport code from Flight Watch > field 'DIV'.

New filter

  • Diverted - if option 'YES' is marked all flights with an airport code inserted into Flight Watch will get displayed as well as flights where ADES in Journey Log is different to the one in the schedule.

New list of default columns

We have shortened the list of default columns displayed when adding a new report from 27 to just 7 main columns:

  • **
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