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Subcharter quotations/schedules in the panel Bookings

When you use occasionally Subcharter aircraft from another operator, our panel Requests/Quotes allows supporting quoting for external aircraft types with Subcharter option.

Once subcharter quote has been added in Requests/Quotes section, you can view it in the Bookings panel. In top-right corner click the filter (3 dots) and select 'Show subcharter'.

All new quotes or those already booked will appear in the 'QUOTATION' part of the Subcharter aircraft. Quotes with the status: Option, Booked or Done will appear in 'SCHEDULE' part.

For subcharters Leon shows quotes/flights in the same way as for regular fleet.

New request subcharter new.png
Option subcharter option.png
Booked subcharter booked.png
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