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Switching the Centrik integration on in Leon

Changes apply at the Centrik integration level.

There are 2 options in the “Configuration” Section:

  • CENTRIK SHARED LOGIN - when switched to ON, activates “CENTRIK” section in the top Menu of Leon
  • CENTRIK ENDORSEMENTS SYNCHRONIZATION - activates the integration and triggers the endorsements import process

To activate this integration all you have to do is to click the button ON in the CENTRIK ENDORSEMENTS SYNCHRONIZATION section, insert your Centrik details (domain, login and password) and save.

Optionally, you can also insert the “Category ID” information (“Training System ID”), if you need to limit endorsements loaded from Centrik to a particular category. In order to receive the string reflecting “Category ID” you need to contact Centrik support and they will provide you with one.

CENTRIK SHARED LOGIN section, when switched to ON, will display CENTRIK on the menu-bar. Every time you click it will transfer you to the embedded Centrik login page. Use your Centrik credentials to log in. You only have to do it once as Leon will keep you logged in.

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