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Changes in menu bar & section SCHEDULE

  • Menu bar

We have moved a section FLIGHTS and its sub-sections to a section SCHEDULE. All other sections remain unchanged.

SCHEDULE - checklist tooltip

The main change is moving buttons TABLE, CALENDAR and TIMELINE slightly to the left and re-arranging their apperance. The other change is that when entering TABLE, flights will be loaded automatically from the present day for as many days as the screen can squiz (not for a present day only as it was before).

In section TIMELINE button today appears as NOW.

  • Ferry legs

Ferry legs appear now in a dimmed-green colour in sections CALENDAR and TIMELINE to distinguish them from other flights. To enable this feature you need to mark a checkbox Dim ferry legs in the left-hand filter, tab SHOW.

  • Ferry confirmed -
  • Ferry option -
  • Checklist tooltip

Hover the mouse over OPS or Sales checklist dot to get a checklist tooltip with statuses. You can do the same in sections CALENDAR and TIMELINE.

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